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We are TV, made by and for the European community.

It’s all about access, allowing artists and creators access to the European audience and giving the audience access to the brilliance and splendor of its artists. On their own terms. We are a doorway for artists and creators to the European people and a window for the people to free creativity, providing a platform for ideas and opinions in our community. Our European community.

“The audiovisual sector is an essential vehicle for conveying and developing European cultural values. It plays a crucial role in the creation of a European cultural identity and the expression of European citizenship. The circulation of European audiovisual works (films and television programmes) helps to increase intercultural dialogue and to improve mutual understanding and knowledge of European cultures. Community support is therefore designed to enable the European audiovisual sector to play its part in consolidating European citizenship and culture.” (expert from MEDIA 2007)

Read more about the European Union’s efforts to create the necessary conditions for the continued expansion of European audiovisual media, and especially television without frontiers here.